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Local SEO For Your Business Website

The Importance of Good SEO

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12Three is Australia’s Premier SEO Company. With a team of over 10 Online Marketing Professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering the most dynamic SEO solutions. 12Three websites are well designed, highly functional and user-friendly, and most importantly rank highly in search engines to be easily found by its target market. Websites that are optimised by 12Three, via our in-house, state-of-the-art SEO technology, consistently outperform their competitors’ sites, fulfil their online marketing objectives and generate high return on investment.

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For almost a decade, 12Three has been delivering outstanding SEO results to its clients. A website that has been designed and developed by 12Three is carefully optimised using the industry’s most rigorous Search Engine Optimisation process. Our clients are assured that once their website has had 12Three’s SEO treatment that it will rank highly in search engines, outperform its competitors and generate high return on investment. 12Three employs the most experienced SEO professionals and the most advanced technology. With the best resources, we deliver a successful SEO solution every time. Our results speak for themselves.

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Australia’s most experienced and credible Local SEO Company.

Our Local SEO Service

Today, with billions of consumers purchasing goods online, the internet has become a global marketplace. In the case of businesses that trade over the internet, their website becomes their shop-front. To be competitive a set of objectives must be met. These include good design that creates a professional image, functionality and ease of navigation, well written content and Search Engine Optimisation. SEO gives companies an advantage as it means that potential customers find them more easily. Being high in search results can improve the chances of winning potential business over a competitor. SEO can also help to position a company as an industry leader, particularly if their website is found at the top of search results for the industry’s most competitive keyword searches. New markets can be accessed via Search Engine Optimisation, as consumers looking for specific goods and services find information relevant to their enquiry without specific information such as a company name or location.

While the purpose of SEO is to ensure that a website can be found in search engines for specific keywords and keyword phrases, the position it attains is also highly important. Studies have proven that search engine users most trust the highest ranking websites, particularly those in positions one, two and three on page one of the search results. The likelihood of the website being accessed decreases dramatically the further down the page it positions. If a website is underperforming in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keywords most relevant to the business’s core offerings, it is necessary to seek the professional advice and services of an SEO expert.

What is Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is the key to successful online marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is the process web developers use for the purpose of improving a website’s visibility in search engines. Most often referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation employs various techniques, including programming and scripting, to gain higher rankings and better positioning in search results.

SEO is a critical success factor in online marketing. This is because search engines measure the importance of websites in relation to their relevance to given keywords. Essentially when a search engine user enters a particular keyword or keyword phrase into the search engine’s browser, a list of results are generated in the order the search engine sees most fitting. It is the objective of the search engine to ensure that the information it delivers is the most appropriate to the enquiry. Without effective SEO it is highly unlikely that a website will be rated by the search engine. For customers to access a website simply and conveniently, and for a target market to locate goods and services, a website must be easily found in search engines for the most industry appropriate keywords.

Prior to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to assist with finding relevant websites, internet users were required to know the correct website address to the information they were seeking. This made it virtually impossible to locate a business by its name, industry, category, service or product, for instance. It was imperative that the internet user had the exact URL. Search engines revolutionised the internet making it a more effective information resource and a powerful marketing tool. The introduction of Search Engine Optimisation meant that businesses could extract maximum value from this new marketing medium, as SEO ensured that the website would receive maximum exposure.

Effective SEO

Effective Search Engine Optimisation goes beyond the basic, traditional treatment to keywords. Today, search engines use a very sophisticated algorithm to measure a website’s relevance. SEO is a highly technical process. Only dedicated, experienced SEO professionals, that demonstrate proven results in past performance, should be trusted with your company’s Search Engine Optimisation.

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